John Ritter net worth

John Ritter net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About John Ritter

John Ritter net worth

It has been claimed that the overall size of the current John Ritter net worth is as much as 20 million dollars. John Ritter was one of the most popular comedians and actors of his generation. He was also known for his work as a voice actor.

John Ritter was born in 1948 in California and he passed away in 2003. John Ritter became a huge success when he was chosen for a role in the popular show called “Three’s Company”, which aired in the period of 1976-1984. In this show, John Ritter was chosen for the role of Jack Tripper and this role made him a well known man in the industry. The show has also increased the total estimate of John Ritter net worth a lot. In 1984, for his work on this show, the actor was awarded with a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy award.

Before he started his career as an actor, John Ritter was studying at the University of Southern California, where he was a student of psychology and architecture. In 1970, John Ritter made his first appearance on TV when he appeared in “The Dating Game”. In this production, John Ritter was chosen for the part of a winner who won a prize – a trip to Lake Havasu in Arizona.

After his appearance in this production, John Ritter started attended acting classes at Nina Foch’s. In 1971, John Ritter made a shift to theater arts.

In the period of 1968-1969 John Ritter mainly appeared in numerous stage plays, which were organized in Germany, Holland, England and Scotland. In 1968 John Ritter for the first time appeared on screen. It was in one episode of the show called “Hawaii Five-O”. Since that time, John Ritter has appeared in many more feature films and also TV shows, such as “Dan August”, “Hearts Afire”, “Bad Santa”, “Breakfast in Bed” and “Sling Blade”. These shows have also increased the overall estimate of John Ritter net worth.

John Ritter has also been chosen for many guest roles in various projects, such as “Mary Tyler Moore”, “Medical Center”, “The Streets of San Francisco”, “Rhoda”, “The Waltons” and “Kojak” These guest roles made his name more well known and also increased the total sum of John Ritter net worth. Talking about him as a voice actor, John Ritter has worked on the project called “The Flight of the Dragons”.

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