John Stamos net worth

John Stamos net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About John Stamos

John Stamos net worth

John Phillip Stamos, or simply John Stamos, is an accomplished American actor, musician and singer. He gained recognition filming for television series. John’s most notable role in his early career was in situation comedy Full House, where he portrayed Jesse Kastopolis. After the last episode of Full House was aired in mid 1990s, Stamos appeared in numerous television series and films. During the period 2006-2009 John had a leading role on the popular NBC drama ER as Doctor Tony Gates. In 2009 Stamos was cast for the role of Albert in the stage musical Bye Bye Birdie. The following year he started filming on the second season of Glee, a musical-comedy drama that airs on Fox. As for 2013, John Stamos net worth is estimated at $40 million.
John was born, in California, in a family of Loretta and Bill Stamos. He was the first child in a family and has two sisters, Alaina and Jannen. His mother, born and raised in England, was a former swimsuit model, while his father, who originated from Greece, was a restaurateur. His paternal grandfather was originally known as Stamatopoulos, but shortened his family name after immigrating into America.

As a teenager John has worked in a fast food restaurant owned by this parents. Although this job did not significantly increase John Stamos net worth, it helped him realize that for most of the people money doesn’t come easy. After graduation from John F. Kennedy High School he enrolled at Wentworth Institute of Technology.
An impressive acting career, which eventually boosted John Stamos net worth to millions of dollars, started in the 1980s, when he landed a role on General Hospital. The portrayal of Blackie Perrish on this soap opera has garnered John his first Daytime Emmy nomination. In 1984 he was cast for CBS situation comedy, entitled Dreams. Two years latter Stamos started filming as jack Klugman on You Again? The future millionaire went on to appear on Full House, a sitcom set in San Francisco that chronicled the daily life of a widow father Danny Tanner and his three daughters. As the show’s popularity rose, so did Stamos’ income.
Since the end of Full House, Stamos has featured on the number of TV projects. He starred in TV series Thieves and Jake in Progress and appeared as a guest-star on the cult show Friends. This was quite dark period in Stamos’ personal life: in 2004, after nearly 10 years together, he divorced with a former Victoria’s Secret model, Rebecca Romijn. In mid 2000s John filmed as the gay wedding planner Shel for the controversial A&E movie Wedding Wars. Another important source of John Stamos net worth is his work on television series ER. On this show Stamos portrayed a paramedic named Tony gates.

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