John Travolta net worth

John Travolta net worth

Net Worth: $145 Million

About John Travolta

John Travolta net worth

John Travolta is an actor, singer and dancer. He rose to fame in the mid 70s, after he appeared on TV series Welcome Back, Kotter and a box office hit Saturday Night Fewer. This initial success in the 70s was followed by a decade of decay, during which he had very few significant roles. His popularity resurged in the 90s with his appearance in the movie Pulp Fiction. The role in this movie earned John a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor. John Travolta net worth is currently estimated at $145 millions.

John was born and raised in New Jersey, in 1954. His father Salvatore Travolta was of Italian decent and his mother’s Helen’s ancestors came from Ireland. Salvatore was a former American football player and a co-owner of the tire company. Helen was a former singer and actress. She later started teaching drama at the local school. There were six children growing in Travoltas’ family and John was the youngest of them. Due to their mothers will all of the kids acted in high school and later, however none of his siblings can compete with John Travolta net worth or fame. Helen was deeply religious person and raised her kids to be Catholics.

However, John converted to scientology when he was a little over twenty years old.

After he graduated from high school John moved to New York to pursue career in show business. He soon got the roles in the musical Grease and Broadway play Over Here! Travolta made his television debut in 1972, on TV series Emergency!. He got his first significant role in the horror movie Carrie four years later. In the end of decade Travolta made some of his most notable roles, including those of Sony Manero and Danny Zuko, in the movies Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Those films are responsible for the first formidable inflows into John Travolta net worth. It is also worth mentioning that Saturday Night Fever earned John an Academy Award nomination, making him the youngest artist ever nominated as the Best Actor. His next important role was in the film Urban Cowboy. This movie in which John started along Debra Winger became a real hit at the box office and caused a temporary booming of country music popularity.

The eight decade was not particularly successful for Travolta. The string of failures ended in 1989, with John’s appearance in the movie Look Who’s Talking. The movie grossed nearly $300 million. A considerable part of these profits went to the staring actors and boosted John Travolta net worth once again. In 1994 Travolta appeared in one of his most successful movies Pulp Fiction. After this performance his career shifted to the high gear once again.

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