John Waters net worth

John Waters net worth

Net Worth: $38 Million

About John Waters

John Waters net worth

It has been stated that the total amount of the current John Waters net worth is as high as 38 million dollars. John Waters has become famous for his various careers, such as being an actor, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, film director, author and journalist. Moreover, he is also known as a visual artist and art collector. In the beginning of the 70s he began to get noticed because of his transgressive cult films, which also added up a lot to the overall estimate of John Waters net worth. His films feature his selected range of actors, which is sometimes referred to as the Dreamlanders. This team includes Mink Stole, Divine, Mary Viviane Pearce, David Lochary and Edith Massey. In 1977 he worked on one of his best films called “Desperate Living”. John Waters also became known for the fact that he would cast real life controversial people and criminals, including Traci Lords, who used to be a pornographic actress, and Liz Renay.
In 1988 John Waters decided to try his skills in mainstream film making, when in that year his first film of such genre was released called “Hairspray”.

The film grossed 8 million dollars in box offices. Thus, his work in this industry has also added up to the total sum of John Waters net worth. In 2002, the mentioned film “Hairspray” was chosen to be made as a Broadway play. This play was later adapted to a movie, as well. Because of the fact that his original “Hairspray” film also became a success, John Waters started to cast well known actors to his later films, such as Johnny Depp, Melanie Griffith, Christina Ricci, Edward Furlong, Chris Isaak and many others.
Most of his films are set in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is currently living. However, he has other houses in San Francisco, New York City and Provincetown. Since the beginning of the 70s, John Waters became known also for his trademark sign – his pencil painted on moustache.
John Waters was born in 1946 in Baltimore, Maryland. When he was little, he dreamt of becoming a film director and would cast many shows for kids while he himself was still a kid. When he became 16 years old, his grandmother gave him an 8 mm movie camera. Thus, he was inspired to create films from his youth years and today this career adds up a lot of revenues to the total amount of John Waters net worth.

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