Johnny Knoxville net worth

Johnny Knoxville net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville net worth

It has been claimed that the estimate of Johnny Knoxville net worth reaches 75 million dollars. Johnny Knoxville, whose real name is Philip John Clapp, is known as an actor from the United States. In addition, he is also a comedian and a very well known daredevil. Johnny Knoxville is mostly credited with creating MTV series called “Jackass”, where he also appears and is the main character of the show. “Jackass” is also the one which increased the overall amount of Johnny Knoxville net worth a lot. The series proved to be really successful and the movies made on the base of it also received a lot of attention.

The TV series featured several young men, who did a lot of crazy stuff without any protection. The main audience of the show was targeted at youth. In addition to these TV series, Johnny Knoxville also worked on two films based on that show and also on the spin-offs called “Viva La Bam”, “Dr. Steve-O”, “Homewrecker”, “Blastazoid” and “Wildboyz”.

When Johnny Knoxville graduated from high school, he immediately moved to live to Los Angeles, where his dream was to become a popular actor.

This career today is the main source of Johnny Knoxville net worth. At first, he only appeared in some TV commercials and extras on DVDs. Johnny Knoxville thought of an idea to test by himself self-defense equipment.

This idea sounded interesting to Jeff Tremaine, which he turned into several videos of Johnny Knoxville testing equipment to be included in Big Brother’s videos. The first “Jackass” video was made by Knoxville, Tremaine, Dave Carnie and Sean Cliver. The video included extracts from the videos of Big Brother and also some extracts from CKY videos by Bam Margera. Because Jeff Tremaine knew Spike Jonze, he attempted to get the videos to various channels until it was finally picked up by the MTV channel.

The producers of the channel liked the pilot video so much that they decided to create a show about daredevils. In addition to appearing in the TV show “Jackass”, Johnny Knoxville also appeared in other films, such as “Men in Black II”, “A Dirty Shame”, “The Dukes of Hazzard”, “Coyote Ugly”, “The Ringer”, “Daltry Calhoun” and many more. Thus, not only the popular TV show, but also other films helped to increase the total estimate of Johnny Knoxville net worth which he has today. Although the show’s peak year passed already, Johnny Knoxville is still remembered because of his daredevil activities.

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