Johnny Weir net worth

Johnny Weir net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir net worth

It has been estimated that the overall amount of the current Johnny Weir net worth reaches 2 million dollars. Johnny Weir became famous because of his career as a figure skater. He has achieved quite a lot in his career as a figure skater and has won many awards and medals. He participated in the 2008 World games where he ended up as a winner of a bronze medal. In 2001, Johnny Weir became a World Junior Champion in skating. Three times Johnny Weir has also earned a title of the US national champion. With so many winnings, it is no surprise that Johnny Weir net worth has also increased by a mile.

Johnny Weir was born in 1984 in Pennsylvania. Johnny Weir is of Norwegian origin. When he was growing up, Johnny Weir also proved to be a talented equestrian and as such he used to compete with his horse named My Blue Shadow. When he was 12 years old, Johnny Weir started figure skating. Seeing his potential in this field, his family moved to live to Delaware where Johnny Weir’s coach was living and where his training ring was established. In 2007, he moved to New Jersey.

Before he started his career in skating full force, he was studying at the University of Delaware, however, he did not complete his studies as he wanted to focus on skating more.

Today, figure skating is one of the main sources not only of his fame, but also of Johnny Weir net worth.

In addition to figure skating, Johnny Weir became famous for man other spheres and issues. For example, it has been argued for a long time what his true sexual orientation is. His true sexual orientation was revealed in an autobiography written by him called “Welcome to My World”, where he stated that he is gay. Moreover, he is also known for his gender ambiguous style. A lot of people when they see him for the first time cannot truly tell if he is a man or a woman.

In 2011, Johnny Weir married Victor Voronov in New York City. However in 2014 the couple divorced and Johnny Weir stated that the reason for it was domestic difficulties. Nevertheless, two months after their divorce, the couple was already spotted together. Johnny Weir is also known to be interested into Russian culture and has learnt how to speak in Russian.

Now you have an idea why Johnny Weir net worth is this huge

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