Jon Bon Jovi net worth

Jon Bon Jovi net worth

Net Worth: $125 Million

About Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi net worth

Jon Bon Jovi, real name John Francis Bongiovi, is a famous American singer, songwriter, occasional actor and record producer. He earned a worldwide recognition as one of the founders and the lead singer of the legendary rock group Bon Jovi, formed in Sayreville, New Jersey in 1983. During his lengthy career, which now spans over more than three decades, the band has released 11 studio albums and sold a total of 130 million records all over the world. With these sales and two successful solo albums Jon Bon Jovi net worth is currently estimated at $125 million dollars.

John was born in New Jersey in a family of a barber and former Marine John Francis Bongiovi Senior and Carol Sharkey, a florist. His mother’s job was not always making buckets. Before John was born Carol worked as a model and was one of the Playboy bunnies. After Jon gained success, Carol became a president of her son’s official fan club. In one of his interviews John has stated that he is a blood relative of the swing era legend Frank Sinatra, but have not shared any details about their relationship. Since his teenage years John new he wants to be a musician and looked at school as something that gets in a way of his real mission.

The boy skipped lessons whenever he could and used this time to practice playing piano and guitar instead. His parents and teachers were concerned about his worsening grades, but that was the cost John was willing to pay in order to develop his skills and pursue the career that eventually boosted Jon Bon Jovi net worth to tens of millions.

John and his friend formed their first band at the age of 13. By the time Jon was 16 he has already performed in the local clubs and gigs. Around this time Jon met David Bryan Rashboum, who would become a keyboard player on their rock band. Today Bryan’s fortune is little below Jon Bon Jovi net worth and amounts to $85 million.

John made his first professional record in 1982. With this song entitled “Runaway” he tried to knock on the doors of various record companies, including Mercury and Atlantic Records, but nobody seemed to be interested. John did not lose the faith in his talent and decided to bring the record directly to the promotion director of the major rock station “The Apple”. John Lassman, that was the man’s name, agreed to include “Runaway” into the playlist. That was all what was needed for John to become a local rock star. After he earned a popular recognition Mercury’s agents were encouraged to rethink their earlier decision and soon offered Jon a contract. After this deal was sealed Jon Bon Jovi net worth shot to the stars within a year.

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