Jon Cryer net worth

Jon Cryer net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer net worth

It has been reported that Jon Cryer net worth reaches an amount of 45 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through being a successful actor. Currently, he is mostly known as a star from the TV series called “Two and a Half Men”. For every episode of the season, he is earning 650 thousand dollars, thus, this amount of money increases the total amount of Jon Cryer net worth, as well. In addition to appearing on TV, Jon Cryer is also known as an actor from various movies.

Initially, Jon Cryer started to get fame when he appeared in various TV shows and comedies during 1980s. However, currently he is mostly remembered from the TV show “Two and a Half Men”. It has been known that Jon Cryer is currently the second highest paid person on television, while the first place is occupied by Ashton Kutcher who has been stated to receive 750 thousand dollars for every episode in which he appears. Ashton Kutcher was replaced after Charlie Sheen was eliminated from the show.

Moroever, Jon Cryer is remembered from the movie called “Pretty in Pink” which was released in 1986. In the film, Jon Cryer portrayed a role of Duckie.

The movie became an international success and added a lot of revenues to Jon Cryer net worth.

Jon Cryer grew up in a family, members of which were all involved into acting. After graduating from high school, Jon Cryer moved to live to London, where he was studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

His role in the previously mentioned movie “Pretty in Pink” opened him a lot of doors to other films and TV series. He was casted to appear in a lot of popular TV shows and TV series. In 2003, he became a cast member of the TV show “Two and a Half Men”. More than 225 episodes have been broadcasted already.

In addition to this, Jon Cryer is known as a voice actor, which is another source of Jon Cryer net worth. He is voicing a lot of ads on radio television for Wells Fargo.

Talking about his personal life, in 1999 he married Sarah Trigger, whom he divorced in 2004. The couple has a son named Charlie Austin. In an interview during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno he announced that he was going to marry Lisa Joyner. In 2007 he married her in Mexico. The couple adopted a little girl named Daisy.

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jon cryer net worth jon cryer net worth jon cryer net worth

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