Jon Favreau net worth

Jon Favreau net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau net worth

Jonathan Koalia Favreau, better known as Jon Favreau, is a talented American actor, comedian, film director, voice artist and screenwriter. His face is widely known from the movies Rudy, Very Bad Things, Swingers, The Break-Up and cult television series Friends, in which he portrayed Pete Becker, an eccentric millionaire and Monica Geller’s love interest. As a director, Jon gained recognition for the movies Iron Man, Elf and Cowboys & Aliens. Additionally, Favreau has served as the executive producer on Iron Man 3 and The Avengers. As for 2013, Jon Favreau net worth is estimated at $60 million.

Jonathan was born in Queens, in a family of Madeleine and Charles Favreau. His mother, who was a school teacher, died from leukemia when her son was 13 years old. Since then the boy was raised by his father, who worked as a special education teacher. Although Charles’ fortune never came close to Jon Favreau net worth, he was able to provide for the comfortable living of his son. After graduation from Bronx High School of Science Jonathan enrolled at Queens College, but never managed to get a degree.

He dropped out for the first time in 1987 and briefly worked on Wall Street before returning to college in 1988. After one semester Jon dropped for the second time. This time Favreau realized he is done with studying and moved to Chicago to become a professional comedian.

Jon Favreau net worth started to grow in the early 1990s, following his appearance as D-Bob on the sports film Rudy. A real breakthrough in Jon’s professional career came up in 1996, as he wrote a screenplay for comedy-drama Swingers. In this movie Jon has also starred as Mike Peters, a young struggling comedian who recently ended a long-time relationship. This movie has launched the professional career of yet another famous actor, Vince Vaughan. For those who do not recall this name, Vince is an American actor, comedian and producer, widely known for such movies as Return to Paradise, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Wedding Crashers. Despite his professional accomplishments, Vaughan’s fortune remains significantly inferior to Jon Favreau net worth: he owns some $35 million.

As a director, Favreau debuted with a comedy-crime film Made, which reached the cinemas in 2001. Not only he directed this movie, Jon has also written an original screenplay for the film and starred in it alongside his long time colleague Vince. Although the movie received rather positive critical evaluations, it was not a great commercial success and did not make a significant contribution to Jon Favreau net worth. What about his personal life? Since the year 2000 Jonathan has been married to Joya Tillem. The couple is currently raising three children.

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