Jordan Belfort net worth

Jordan Belfort net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort net worth

Jordan Belfort is known as one of the most motivational speakers in the United States as well as an author, who has published several successful books. It has been stated that Jordan Belfort net worth today is minus 100 million dollars, which implies that Jordan Belfort has suffered huge debts.

Born in New York, Jordan Belfort is mostly known as a founder of a brokerage company called “Stratton Oakmont”. The company has brought huge financial success to Jordan Belfort net worth. In the 90s, the company became very popular and successful. At its peak, the company had approximately 1000 brokers and had assets worth more than 1 billion dollars.

Seeing his net worth which he has today, it is obvious that Jordan Belfort wasted his money on a lot of luxurious things and also used to party hard. One of such expensive things he has bought is his yacht which previously belonged to Coco Chanel. Thus, it is no surprise that wasting his money on such expensive things resulted into the minus Jordan Belfort net worth, which he has today. However, the yacht which he has bought from Coco Chanel sank because Jordan Belfort insisted to go on a trip with it when it was very windy.

In 1998, Jordan Belfort was accused of money laundering and his punishment was to spend two years in prison. In addition to that, he was forced to pay his clients sums varying from 100 million to 200 million dollars as a compensation to them.

All this is in the past and now Jordan Belfort is starting another career. He is becoming a very successful author and has published a few books which became best sellers and he is also a motivational speaker in the United States. These two sources are currently the main ones in accumulating Jordan Belfort net worth. In addition, a movie has been created according to his life, which was directed by Martin Scorcese and in which he was played by Leonardo di Caprio.

Thus, although in the past he committed crimes which were related to stock market manipulation as well as being in charge of running a penny stock boiler room, now Jordan Belfort is trying to get his success back and trying to get huge sums of money through his current activities as a writer and motivational speaker. As long as he does not get involved into more crimes, he is expected to be successful.

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