Josh Flagg net worth

Josh Flagg net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Josh Flagg

Josh Flagg net worth

Josh Flagg is known as one of the most successful real estate agents in the business. It is also considered to be the most important source of Josh Flagg net worth, which currently has an estimate of 8 million dollars. Born in 1985, his career in real estate has expanded even more.

Now, he is also known as a media and TV star. He is one of the stars who appeared on a TV show on the Bravo network, which is called “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”. The show adds a lot of revenues to Josh Flagg net worth, as well. In addition to him, other stars such as Josh Altman and Madison Hildebrand appear in the show. Currently, the show is in its fifth season. It portrays the above mentioned real estate agents and shows their efforts to sell high-end homes in the area of Los Angeles.

In addition to his own involvement in the industry, Josh Flagg is also known because of his family relations. His grandfather was a well known philanthropist as well as Jewish leader named Herman Platt. Josh Flagg is also known as great a grandson of the founder of Platt Music Corporation, Benjamin Platt. The company is known all across the country and it has stores in different parts of the United States.

From his father’s side, Josh Flagg is known as a grandson of famous people, too. His grandmother was a famous designer from Romania, Edith Flagg, and his grandfather was a Jewish leader Eric Flagg.

Born in California, Josh Flagg also grew up there. He was attending a private school before he enrolled into the Beverly Hills High School. When he graduated in 2004, Josh Flagg immediately got involved into real estate, which brought huge sums of money to the overall estimate of Josh Flagg net worth. The first areas in which he sold real estate included the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills. He started his career as a real estate agent when he worked in a firm called John Bruce Nelson firm, which was established in Bel Air.

In 2007, Josh Flagg and two other real estate agents, Chad Rogers and Madison Hildebrand were chosen to appear in new TV series about real estate. In 2008, the show started to be aired on the Bravo network and it soon was watched by a lot of people. It also added extra revenues to Josh Flagg net worth.

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