Josh Hartnett net worth

Josh Hartnett net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett net worth

Josh Hartnett is known as one of those actors, who have expanded their careers and went on to work in behind of the scenes of the industry, as well. Thus, being an actor and producer have served as two main sources of Josh Hartnett net worth, which has been stated to currently have an estimate of 25 million dollars. In 1997, Josh Hartnett started to get more and more attention when he was casted for a role of Michael Fitzgerald in the show called “Cracker”. In 1998, one year later after his start on TV, Josh Hartnett appeared in his first movie called “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later”. Thus, he established himself as a teenage actor and as such he appeared in two more films, those being “The Virgin Suicides” and “The Faculty”. Thus, these early roles of his have also increased the overall sum of Josh Hartnett net worth.

Since that time, Josh Hartnett managed to establish his name as one of the most popular actors names in the industry, with his appearances in movies, such as “30 Days of Night”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Pearl Harbor” and “40 Days and 40 Nights”.

These appearances also have added a lot to the overall size of Josh Hartnett net worth.

Josh Hartnett was born in 1978 in Minnesota. He was raised in a care of his father, who was involved in the field of constructions, and his stepmother, who was an artist. When he was growing up, he was avid athlete and played football. However, when he suffered an injury, he was prevented to continue his career as an actor and had to think of other involvement he could get in.

Therefore, he made his decision to become an entertainer. When he was motivated by his relative to appear in auditions for a play called “Tom Sawyer”, he was really surprised when he won the part of Huckleberry Finn. After his appearance in this play, Josh Hartnett decided that he wanted to get involved into acting full force. Thus, eventually it became the main source of Josh Hartnett net worth.

When he finished high school, Josh Hartnett moved to New York City to get more knowledge about acting. However, it was not as successful as Josh Hartnett hoped for, and thus, he moved to California when he was 19 years old. There, he soon got a role in the previously mentioned TV show “Cracker” and since that time he has come a long way to become one of the most well known actors in Hollywood.

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