Josh Holloway net worth

Josh Holloway net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway net worth

Josh Holloway is a well known person in the entertainment industry, where he has made his name popular because of his careers in modeling, acting and producing. It has been estimated that the total size of Josh Holloway net worth currently is as high as 22 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest celebrities. Josh Holloway is probably mostly known for his appearances in the American TV series called “Lost”, where he played the role of James Ford. In addition to that, Josh Holloway appeared in the TV production on CBS called “Intelligence” as Gabriel Vaughn. Currently, the actor is appearing on the series called “Colony”, which are regarded as the current main source of increasing the overall estimate of Josh Holloway net worth.
The actor was born in 1969 in San Jose, California. He was raised with his three brothers by a mother, who was working as a nurse, and a father, who was a surveyor. When he was two years old, the whole family moved to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. When he was still a little boy, he liked to watch movies, hoping that one day he could act, too.

Josh Holloway, before he focused on his acting work, was studying at the University of Georgia, which he left soon after because of financial problems.
Thus, he then moved to Los Angeles, where he found work as a model. He represented many popular brands’ ad campaigns, including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Dolce & Gabbana. Thus, his modeling work added up first bigger sums of money to the overall size of Josh Holloway net worth. In 1993, he was chosen to appear in the video for the song called “Cryin’” by Aerosmith.
Josh Holloway soon expanded his career in show business and became an actor, which also increased the current size of Josh Holloway net worth. The first TV show in which he has ever appeared was “Angel”, where he played the role of a ‘handsome guy’. After that, he appeared in some movies, including “Doctor Benny”, “Moving August”, “Cold Heart” and “Mi Amigo”. Josh Holloway got a leading part in the movie on the Sci-Fi channel, called “Sabretooth”. In this movie, he appeared next to John Rhys-Davies and David Keith. Josh Holloway has guest starred in many popular TV series, such as “NCIS”, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, “Good Girls Don’t”, “The Lyon’s Den” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”.
However, his biggest break in the TV land came when he got the role in the popular American series called “Lost”, which not only made him more recognized, but also increased the total size of Josh Holloway net worth. The series made him a huge celebrity in Hollywood. At the same time, he managed to appear in some other projects, such as the film called “Whisper” and the video games titled “Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars”. In 2005, his name appeared in the list of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World, compiled by People magazine.

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