Joshua Jackson net worth

Joshua Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson net worth

Joshua Jackson is a well known actor of Canadian-American origin. It has been estimated that currently Joshua Jackson net worth reaches as much as 22 million dollars, which also makes him to be one of the millionaires in cinema industry. Joshua Jackson is a well known face from primetime television. Furthermore, he has appeared as more than 30 roles in various TV shows. Joshua Jackson has been appearing on popular TV series called “Dawson’s Creek”, where he starred as pacey Witter. In addition to that, he is also known from another production, that being “The Mighty Ducks” film series, where he portrayed a role of Charlie Conway. Moreover, Joshua Jackson has also appeared in “Fringe” where he starred as Peter Bishop. Thus, all these appearances have increased the overall size of Joshua Jackson net worth a lot.

Joshua Jackson was born in 1978 in British Columbia. His mother is known to be working as a casting director, thus, it might be probably that it was partially due to her that Joshua Jackson got involved into acting. Until he was 8 years old, Joshua Jackson spent most of his time in California.

When his sister was born, the family moved to Seattle after the divorce of his parents. Later, he, his sister and his mother moved to Vancouver. Thus, as a child, Joshua Jackson moved quite a few times.

In 1991, Joshua Jackson debuted as an actor and it was in the production of “Crooked Hearts”. There, he got only a minor role, but it was enough for him to get interested into acting more and more, which eventually became the main source of Joshua Jackson net worth, as well. In 1992, Joshua Jackson appeared in a musical called “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.

After his appearance there, Joshua Jackson was accepted to the William Morris Agency. After he signed to this agency, he started to attend auditions very frequently. He was casted for a role of Charlie in the “Might Ducks” films due to his belonging to the William Morris Agency, as well. In these movies, Joshua Jackson was playing a role of Charlie, who was an aspiring hockey player.
In 1998, Joshua Jackson also started to appear in a popular TV show called “Dawson’s Creek”, which also made him more popular and it also increased the total sum of Joshua Jackson net worth. He stayed in the show till 2003.

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