Jude Law net worth

Jude Law net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Jude Law

Jude Law net worth

Jude Law is a well known name in the entertainment industry. It has been claimed that the overall sum of Jude Law net worth today reaches 30 million dollars. Being of English origin, Jude Law is known as an actor as well as a director and producer. These involvements are also regarded as the ones, which have added most of revenues to Jude Law net worth.

In 1987, Jude Law started his career as an actor, when he began performing at the National Youth Music Theater. Two years later, Jude Law appeared on TV screen for the first time. The first productions in which he has appeared were created by Clint Eastwood, Andrew Niccol and David Cronenberg. In 1999, Jude Law was a nominee to get an Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor because of his appearance in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” by Anthony Minghella. One year later, because of his appearance in the same movie, Jude Law became a recipient of BAFTA Award. In 2003, Jude Law was nominated once again to get an Academy Award in the category of the Best Actor for his appearance in another movie created by Anthony Minghella, which was called “Cold Mountain”.

Thus, his appearances in these films also added up to the total estimate of Jude Law net worth.

Moreover, Jude Law is also known from Sherlock Holmes movies, such as “Sherlock Holmes” and “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”. In 2006, Jude Law’s name was in the list of the most bankable actors in Hollywood. In 2011, Jude Law was also elected to be a member of the jury in the Cannes Film Festival.

Jude Law was born in 1972 in South London. His parents were working as teachers. Jude Law got his name after a song by the Beatles called “Hey Jude”. When he started performing in theater, one of his first big roles was in a play called “The Ragged Child”.

In the 2000s, he established himself was one of the most successful actors, with his appearances in films, such as “Enemy at the Gates”, “A. I. Artificial Intelligence”, “Road to Perdition”, “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, “Cold Mountain”, “The Holiday” and many more, which also have added a lot of financial success to Jude Law net worth. In addition, Jude Law has a lot of endorsement deals, amongst which the most popular are his deals with Dior and Dunhill.

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