Julia Roberts plastic surgery

Julia Roberts plastic surgery

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Julia Roberts plastic surgery

Hollywood actress’s are certainly the ones who get most attention regarding plastic surgery. People were wondering about possible Julia Roberts plastic surgery for many years now. This might be because of the fact that she is a stunningly beautiful actress and she continues to look the same even when the years go by – of course this causes some suspicion. Julia Roberts is mostly known for her roles in some of the best Hollywood movies such as “Pretty Woman”, “Closer”, “Notting Hill” and many others.

Over the years we could hear various different speculations about possible Julia Roberts plastic surgery. Some of the most rumored surgeries are rhinoplasty, liposuction and lip augmentation. Some people have noticed that actress’s nose shape seems to have changed a little bit and they are suspecting this could have been a result of rhinoplasty procedure. However, changes are so subtle that there is no way to know if it really has been a plastic surgery. It is possible that her nose looked a little different because of different make-up or lighting in the photo. The rumors about possible lip augmentation surgery are based on the fact that actress’s lips look very full and swollen, but if we look at some of the earlier photos of Julia Roberts, we can see that her lips have always been this way.

None of these rumors have been confirmed. Furthermore, Julia Roberts has denied having any kind of plastic surgery. It is entirely possible that actress is telling the truth because her face looks quite natural and there are some signs of aging on her face, which is normal for a woman in her 40s. Either way, most of her fans agree that Julia Roberts is aging beautifully and she doesn’t need any kind of surgical altering in order to look as amazing as she does now. Julia Roberts as well as other actors like Maryl Streep and Richard Gere are the ones who have made the right decision to age gracefully and haven’t given up to a celebrity plastic surgery trend.

All things considered, it seems that there was no Julia Roberts plastic surgery, or at least the is no proof to think otherwise. One way or another, most of the people agree that she is a stunningly beautiful actress and it is probably for the best if she has indeed decided to age naturally. There are many examples of plastic surgery gone wrong and we certainly don’t want Julia Roberts to become one of them.

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