Julio Iglesias net worth

Julio Iglesias net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias net worth

It has been claimed that the current amount of Julio Iglesias net worth reaches 300 million dollars. Julio Iglesias is regarded as one of the most successful musicians from Spain. More than 300 million copies of his albums have been sold on an international scale, which makes him one of the best selling musicians of all time. Also, such a number makes him probably the best selling musician of Spanish origin. In addition, such huge sales have also increased the total amount of Julio Iglesias net worth. Julio Iglesias has released 80 albums overall. His records also reached a lot of popularity and fame, most of which have been certified gold or platinum. Also, Julio Iglesias is considered to be the most successful musician of Latin origin, as it was stated by Sony Music Entertainment.

Julio Iglesias was born in Madrid, in 1943. Before he got fully involved into music, Julio Iglesias was a student at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, where he was studying law and also was playing football there. It is also worth mentioning that before he became an internationally known musician, Julio Iglesias was playing in the football club called Real Madrid Castilla, where he played as a goalkeeper.

Thus, before Julio Iglesias became a world known singer, which has added huge sums of money to Julio Iglesias net worth, he was a successful football player.

However, although at first he saw his career as a professional football player, Julio Iglesias was forced to give this sport up, because he suffered an unlucky car accident and as a result of it, he could not walk for a few years. Thus, during his time which he spent in hospital, Julio Iglesias was extremely bored. Therefore, a nurse gave Julio Iglesias a guitar, so that during the time he was spending in hospital he would have something to do. He learnt how to play it quite quickly and realized that he could be quite a success in the music industry.

After his successful participation in the competition of song writers in Spain, Julio Iglesias got a chance to sign with Discos Columbia, which is a distribution of Columbia Records. In 1970, Julio Iglesias was chosen to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, where he finished in the 4th place. In the song contest, Julio Iglesias performed a song called “Gwendolyne”. Soon after, he started to release hits which became extremely popular not only in Spain but in many other European countries. The sales of these singles also added up to the overall amount of Julio Iglesias net worth.

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