Julius Erving net worth

Julius Erving net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Julius Erving

Julius Erving net worth

Julius Erving is one of the most popular names in basketball. Sometimes, he is also referred to as a basketball legend, who added a lot of efforts to popularize this game. Currently, he is retired from this sport, however, it has served as the main source of Julius Erving net worth, which today reaches 16 million dollars. In the court, he is usually referred to as Dr. J.
He is mostly credited with starting a modern basketball playing style, which is characterized by playing above the rim and leaping. Moreover, he added a lot of efforts for the American Basketball Association to be legitimized.

Talking about his playing in this league, he was regarded as the most successful basketball player of it and it added huge sums to Julius Erving net worth. Moreover, the ABA joined the NBA after the season of 1975-1976. Talking about his accomplishments and recognitions, Julius Erving became a winner of three championships. In addition, he also voted the Most Valuable Player of the Year four times. The teams, in which he has played, were Philadelphia 76ers, where he played after the ABA joined the NBA.

Talking about his involvement into the ABA, he played in two teams, those being New York Nets and Virginia Squires.

Moreover, talking about his achievements into the NBA/ABA more, Julius Erving is also regarded as the 5th highest scoring basketball player. Julius Erving also got a lot of fame when he began competing in Slam Dunk Contest, winning a lot of them. Julius Erving is also known as the only basketball player, who was titled the Most Valuable Player while playing in the NBA as well as the ABA, before it merged with the NBA. Thus, it is quite obvious that with such high achievements, Julius Erving net worth also increased by a mile.

In 1993, his career into basketball was crowned when his name was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Moreover, his name was also included into the NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time team. In 1994, Sports Illustrated made a list of the most influential basketball people, including 40 of them, and amongst those 40, Julius Erving’s name was also included. Ten years after he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, his name was also inducted into the Nassau County Sports Hall of Fame. Thus, it is clear that his successful career in basketball increased Julius Erving net worth by a mile.

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