Justin Bartha net worth

Justin Bartha net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Justin Bartha

Justin Bartha net worth

It has been stated that the total amount of Justin Bartha net worth is as high as 18 million dollars, according to the recent estimations. Justin Bartha is mostly known as an actor, but he is also a producer and writer.
Justin Bartha is known for quite a few roles he has portrayed in films and TV productions. One example of them is a character named Riley Poole, which he played in the National Treasure films. He also appeared in the Hangover films, where he played the role of Doug Billings. Justin Bartha got the role of David Sawyer to portray in the TV series on NBC, called “The New Normal”. Therefore, all of these films and TV shows have added up a lot of revenues to the total estimate of Justin Bartha net worth.
The actor was born in 1978 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When he was 8 years old, Justin Bartha moved to live in West Bloomfield, Michigan. His mother is working as a teacher, whereas his father is a real estate agent. Justin Bartha was raised with one brother, named Jeffrey. He grew up in a Jewish household. When he graduated from high school, Justin Bartha attended theater and filmmaking lessons at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts.

Justin Bartha started his career in cinema as a production assistant on the film called “Analyze This”. Thus, he began his work behind the scenes in this industry. He got his first acting role as a clubgoer in the film called “54”. In 2003, Justin Bartha directed and wrote a short film called “Highs and Lows”, which was shown during the South by Southwest Film Festival. Thus, his working behind the scenes and on camera has added up a lot of revenues to the current sum of Justin Bartha net worth.
In addition to the mentioned work, Justin Bartha produced, wrote and appeared in the MTV pilot called “The Dustin and Justin Show”. In 2003, he got two important parts in two films, called “Carnival Sun” and “Gigli”. In 2004, he got his breakthrough role as Riley Poole in the film called “National Treasure”. In 2006, Justin Bartha appeared in the film called “Failure to Launch”. In the same year, he appeared in the NBC series called “Teachers”. However, these series aired for only six episodes.
In 2007, he was chosen to appear in the film called “Holy Rollers”. The film was released three years later. Justin Bartha appeared with Catherina Zeta-Jones in the film called “The Rebound”. Justin Bartha can also be remembered from the Hangover films, where he played the part of Doug Billings. Thus, all of these appearances made his name more known and added up a lot of revenues to the overall size of Justin Bartha net worth.
Justin Bartha is also a stage actor. He appeared in the Broadway revival of the play called “Lend Me a Tenor” as Max. Another play, in which he has appeared, was called “All New People”, which ran at the Second Stage Theatre.

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