K Naan net worth

K Naan net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About K Naan

K Naan net worth

It has been claimed that the total amount of K Naan net worth is 1 million dollars, which makes him a beginner of becoming a multi millionaire in the industry. K Naan has earned his net worth as a rapper, song writer, poet and instrument player. K Naan became a well known singer when in 2010 his song was chosen as the anthem of the FIFA World Cup, the song being titled “Wavin’ Flag”. Thus, this song has also added up to the total size of K Naan net worth.

K Naan has been stated to play music of various genres, such as world music, Somali and Ethio-jazz. In addition to his work in music industry, K Naan is also known for his philanthropic efforts, as he has been donating to various charities and belongs to some non-profit organizations.

K Naan was born in Somalia in 1978. His family was quite an artistic one, as some members of his family were creating poetry and other ones were singers. When he was growing up, his aunt would usually sing to him, and this started K Naan’s fashion for music, as well.

When the Civil War started, K Naan and the rest of his family moved to live to New York, where his father was already working as a taxi driver.

Soon after that, the family moved to live to Toronto in Canada, where a majority of his family members still are living.

When K Naan was living in New York, he started to learn the English language through quite an uncommon way – he would usually listen to rap and hip hop music recordings. At the same time, K Naan also began to rap himself. Eventually, this career became one of the main ones when accumulating the total size of K Naan net worth.

Since that time, K Naan has been touring with a lot of well people in music industry, such as Will I Am, Nelly Furtado, Mos Def and many more. These collaborations have also added up to the overall size of K Naan net worth. K Naan released an album called “The Dusty Foot on the Road”, under the record label called Wrasse Records. K Naan became a well known figure in music industry when he appeared on the 2008 BET Awards Cypher. Since that time, he has been exposed to international audiences and his name became popular in the rapping industry, as well.

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