Kanye West net worth

Kanye West net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Kanye West

Kanye West net worth

It has been announced that the estimate of Kanye West net worth reaches 100 million dollars, which makes him one of the multimillionaires in the entertainment industry. He is mostly known as a hip hop singer, however, he is involved in many other activities, as well. Kanye West is also a song writer, record producer, film producer and fashion designer, which also increase the overall amount of Kanye West net worth a lot.

Kanye West became famous when he started working as a record producer for the label “Rock-a-Fella” records. He has worked with many popular acts, such as Jay Z, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and Ludacris. Thus, he started to accumulate the net worth which he has today through his career as a record producer. At first, his songs included only soul elements and only later he started to combine different styles, such as classical, pop, folk, rock and many other styles.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Kanye West started to learn how to rap when he was in the third grade and soon became a locally known rapper. Also, Kanye West was enrolled into art academy, but quitted it in order to concentrate on his music career in 1990s, which today is one of the main sources of Kanye West net worth.

Initially, Kanye West was seeking to become a rapper, however, most of people evaluated his abilities only as a record producer, and not as a singer, which was hard for Kanye West in the beginning.

In 2004, his debut album was released which was called “The College Dropout” under the “Rock-a-Fella” records. Thus, Kanye West proved that he can be a successful and talented singer because the album reached a lot of commercial success and critical acclaim. One year later, he released a second album which was entitled “Late Registration”. The album features quite a lot of baroque elements. In 2007, he released a third album which was called “Graduation”. His most recent album was released in 2013, which was called “Yeezus”.

Talking about his involvement into popular music, Kanye West has been awarded a lot and has sold a lot of copies of his albums. Overall, he has released six studio albums, sales of which added a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Kanye West net worth. Some of his albums have been titled as one of the most greatest albums in the history of music.

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