Kat Von D net worth

Kat Von D net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Kat Von D

Kat Von D net worth

Kat Von D, real name Katherine von Drachenberg, is a popular television personality and tattoo artist from the United States. She rose to the fame in late 2000s, when TLC started airing reality television series LA Ink. The show followed the events at High Voltage Tattoo, one of the best places to get a professional and maybe a bit eccentric permanent body painting in Los Angeles. Kat Von D net worth is currently estimated at $5 million, making her one of the wealthiest tattoo artists in the world.
Katherine was born in Mexico, in a family of Sylvia and Rene Galeano. Both of her parents were born in Argentina, were their ancestors immigrated from Spain, Germany and Italy. Kat, her parents and two siblings, Karoline and Michael, moved to California when the future millionaire was 4. Two years later Katherine started professional piano training and fell in love with the music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. According to her former teacher, who claimed that Katherine has an extraordinary talent, Kat Von D net worth could have reached even greater heights, had she chosen to become a professional pianist.

As a teenager Katherine was a real trouble maker. Although the girl showed interest in arts, her academic achievements were rather poor. The rebellious soul got her first tattoo right after she turned 14. Two years later Kat decided to quit school and try to earn for living as a tattoo artist. Judging from the current Kat Von D net worth, this might have been the greatest decision she ever made. The future millionaire gained prominence appearing in reality show Miami Ink, which has been aired since 2005. She had to leave this program after getting into a serious conflict with her colleague, Ami James. For those who have just read this name for the first time, Ami is an Israeli-born tattoo artist and a co-owner of Love Hate Tattoo (formerly known as 305 Ink), the place where Miami Ink was filmed.
Kat Von D net worth growth shifted to the higher gear in 2007, when she launched her private tattoo shop in Los Angeles and was offered to film in spin-off series LA Ink. The cameras followed Kat as she was looking for employees and trying to establish her name among the greatest tattoo artists in the City of Angels. The program was quite catchy, as most of the clients coming to Katherine had an interesting story that led them to the tattoo shop and was willing to share it with TV audience. In 2007 LA Ink used to attract nearly 3 million viewers. What about her personal life? Just a few days ago Katherine broke up with Joel Zimmerman, a music producer better known as deadmou5.

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kat von d net worth kat von d net worth kat von d net worth

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