Kate Bosworth net worth

Kate Bosworth net worth

Net Worth: $24 Million

About Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth net worth

It has been announced that the overall sum of Kate Bosworth net worth reaches as high as 24 million dollars, as of right now. She has become famous and wealthy because of her two main careers – being a model and an actress. In 1998 she appeared as a film actress for the first time in the production called “The Horse Whisperer”. Two years later, she was chosen for a role in “Remember the Titans”. In 2002 she got her first big role, which was as a teenage surfer in a film called “Blue Crush”. The film became a huge box office hit and it made her name more popular, as well as increased the total estimate of Kate Bosworth net worth.
Kate Bosworth has appeared in many independent films, as well. In 2003 she appeared in “Wonderland”, where she played the role of Dawn Schiller. One year later, she appeared in a film called “Beyond the Sea” as Sandra Dee. Because of her role in this movie, Kate Bosworth was praised a lot by critics.
Other three films which made her name even more popular in show business include “Straw Dogs”, “Superman Returns” and “Still Alice”.

Therefore, all of these films also added up a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Kate Bosworth net worth.
The actress was born in 1983 in Los Angeles California. She was the only child in her family. From birth, she has one eye blue and another eye hazel. When she was 6 years old, Kate Bosworth moved from San Francisco and lived in many different cities because of the occupation of her father. Kate Bosworth was mainly raised in East Coast, where she spent her youth years in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
Kate Bosworth liked horses and wanted to become a professional horseback rider. When she was 14 years old, she was already a champion equestrian. Talking about her early work as an actress, she appeared in her first film in 1998 when she got a supporting part in the film called “The Horse Whisperer”. One of the reasons why she got that part in the film was that because film producers wanted a girl who would already had some experience in horseback riding. Overall, the film was praised by critics. It also added up first sums of money to Kate Bosworth net worth. Other two productions in which she appeared include “Remember the Titans” and “Young Americans”.

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