Kate Del Castillo net worth

Kate Del Castillo net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Kate Del Castillo

Kate Del Castillo net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of Kate Del Castillo net worth is as much as 10 million dollars. She has earned her net worth because of her career as an actress from Mexico. In 1991, when she was 18 years old, Kate Del Castillo became well known because of her leading role in the Mexican soap opera called “Muchachitas”, which aired on Televisa. The soap opera not only made her name well known as an actress, but also added up to the overall estimate of Kate Del Castillo net worth. After this show, she kept appearing in Latin American films as well as TV shows.
In 2011 her name became known in the United States, when she got a leading part in the TV production called “La Reina del Sur”. Thus, this show has also increased the overall size of Kate Del Castillo net worth. After her role in “La Reina del Sur”, the actress continued to appear in American TV shows as well as had some roles in feature films made in Hollywood.
The actress was born in 1972 in Mexico City, Mexico and her real birth name is Kate del Castillo-Negrete Trillo. Her father is Eric del Castillo, who was also an actor.

Thus, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. In 1978 Kate Del Castillo debuted as an actress when she got a role in the film called “The Last Escape”. In 1991 her name became popular when she was chosen to portray the role of Leticia in the TV show called “Muchachitas”. The show aired in some countries in Latin America. Kate Del Castillo appeared in the series on Telemundo called “Dueños Del Paraiso”. She has appeared in some other telenovelas, which also added up to the overall sum of Kate Del Castillo net worth.
In 2002 as well as 2003, Kate Del Castillo became known internationally when she went on touring with the production of “Cartas de Amor”, where she appeared with Saul Lisazo, who is an actor from Argentina. In 2007 her name appeared in the list of The Stars of the Year. In 2011 her name appeared in two more lists, those being 25 most influential women as well as 50 most beautiful compiled by People en Español magazine. In 2006 she got a starring role in the movie called “Bordetown”. This was the first Hollywood movie in which she appeared.
In 2009 the actress was chosen to be the Ambassador for the Mexican Commission on Human Rights. In 2010 she was a vital part in starting the Blue Heart Campaign. Another film in which she appeared was called “Colosio: El asesinato”. The film is about the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio, who was a presidential candidate in Mexico.
Kate Del Castillo has appeared in ads for some companies, too, such as Ford and L’Oreal. Moreover, the actress appeared in a music video by Ricky Martin for his song called “Fuego de Noche, Nieve de Día”. In 2015 she even started her business when she teamed up with the Vivanco Family to start the tequila company called Tequila Honor del Castillo.

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