Kate Gosselin net worth

Kate Gosselin net worth

Net Worth: $200 Thousand

About Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin net worth

Kate Gosselin is known as one of the most popular TV personalities. It has been estimated that Kate Gosselin net worth reaches 200 thousand dollars. She is mostly famous as being a mother of 8 kids. The family became so popular that they even got their own TV show, which added a lot to the overall amount of Kate Gosselin net worth.

Talking about her children, Kate Gosselin is a mother of twins and sextuplets. The family was featured in their TV show called “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. The show was watched a lot by the American audiences and it ran between the years 2007-2009. However, the show was stopped at the time, when Kate Gosselin was divorcing with her husband Jon, but later the show was renewed again and it was called “Kate Plus 8”. After the show was canceled, Kate Gosselin was seeking for another job on television. There were some rumors that she was going to have her own talk show, however, it did not happen and when the deal fell through, Kate Gosselin was left unemployed.

Currently, Kate Gosselin has made several appearances on TV where she has been stating that she has been completely broke.

When remembering her time on the show “Kate Plus 8”, it has been stated that she was getting 250 thousand dollars for every episode of it. Thus, such amount of money increased Kate Gosselin net worth at that time a lot.

When Kate Gosselin was still with her husband Jon, they would make around 25 thousand dollars for their public appearances as well as money gotten from church congregation. Moreover, they were usually charging fans, who wanted an autograph or to take a picture with the whole family. Kate Gosselin has also supported herself financially while being an author. She has published four books. First two of them became the best sellers in the NY Times best seller list. Kate Gosselin has also gotten some financial success from her appearances in the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. Thus, these involvements also added some revenues to the total amount of Kate Gosselin net worth.

Talking more about her family, Kate Gosselin married Jon in 1999. One year later, she gave birth to the couple’s twins, Cara and Madelyn. The twins were 5 weeks premature. In 2004, she gave birth to sextuplets, 3 boys and 3 girls, which were born after she was conceived a fertility treatment.

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