Katherine Jackson net worth

Katherine Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson net worth

It has been announced that the current estimate of Katherine Jackson net worth reaches 50 million dollars. Katherine Jackson is mostly known as a matriarch of the Jackson family, which has been extremely popular in the entertainment industry. She was born in Alabama, however, in her childhood, her family relocated to a suburbs near Chicago with a four year old Katherine Jackson.

When she was growing up, Katherine Jackson wanted to become involved into entertainment industry – she aspired to become a country music singer. However, she soon found out that there were no black people who would be singing such music. When she was growing up, her parents separated. When she was studying in high school, Katherine Jackson was partially able to fulfil her dreams of being a star, when she was accepted to her high school’s band.

In 1947, Katherine Jackson made friends with her later to become husband Joseph Jackson, who at that time was living in East part of Chicago. In 1949, they got married. In 1950, they moved to live to Gary, Indiana. During their first years of marriage, both of them used to sing a lot, when Joseph Jackson was playing guitar.

Little did she know at that time, later her family would bring millions of dollars to family’s net worth, including Katherine Jackson net worth.

Katherine Jackson is a mother of ten Jackson family kids. When she was raising kids, her husband was trying to become a boxer, however, unsuccessfully, thus, as a result he started working at East Chicago’s Inland Steel Company. In order to support her family financially, Katherine Jackson also began working in a store. However, soon she quit her job, so she would spend more time with her kids and prevent them from danger coming from streets.

In the early 1960s, some of her sons started to show interest in music and they soon were noticed by their parents. In 1963, their father formed the first band of the family called “The Jackson Brothers”, which included Tito, Jermaine and Jackson. At the same time, another son of hers, Michael Jackson, began to show interest in singing and his talents were soon noticed by his mother, Katherine Jackson. Years after, Michael Jackson became the most well known member of the Jackson family. Thus, being in charge of such a talented family increased Katherine Jackson net worth by a mile and also made her family known everywhere in the world.

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