Kathy Griffin net worth

Kathy Griffin net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin net worth

Kathleen Mary Griffin, commonly known as Kathy Griffin, is an American comedian and actress. She rose to prominence in 1990s, performing as a stand-up comedian on several television shows. In 1996 Kathy landed a supporting role on situation comedy Suddenly Susan. She gained nationwide recognition appearing on reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life in the D-List, which garnered her Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Program. Following this breakthrough Griffin has released five commercially successful comedy albums and published a book Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin net worth is currently estimated at $15 million.

Kathleen was born in Illinois, in a family of Mary Margaret and Patrick Griffin. Kathy was the youngest child in a family and has four siblings, Joyce, Gary, John and Kenny. In one of her interviews Griffin described herself as the kid who never stopped talking. When there was nobody to listen to her in her own house, she visited her neighbors and told them juicy stories about her brothers. Kathy has described those visits as her first live performances.

Needless to say these “shows” did not add a single penny to Kathy Griffin net worth, but it made her realize she has a power to make people laugh.

When her brothers grew up and moved out of the family house Kathy used to spend hours alone, with nothing to do. That led the girl to developing a binge eating disorder. Although today it is one of the most common eating disorders in America, at the time nobody actually knew how to treat it. Griffin has admitted that although through the years she has learned to control her habits, resisting food is still one of the hardest things to do for her.

However, eating disorder was not the hardest thing Kathy had to go through during her formative years. Her oldest brother, Kenny, was a violent drug addict and worst of all- a pedophile. Although he never touched his sister, Kathy recalls that by the time he was 30 and she was just 7, he used to climb into her bed, whispering in her year. Although today her childhood problems seems far away and Kathy Griffin net worth allows her to get the best mental treatment, this horrible memory is still haunting her at night.

Griffin’s professional career started in early 80s, when she began to perform with a comedy group The Groundlings. She went on to perform at Un-Cabaret in Los Angeles, along with her two friends Janeane Garofalo and Margaret Cho. The free woman ran a show entitled “Hot Cup of Talk” which lasted for less than an hour. Kathy Griffin net worth growth shifted to the higher gear after she landed a role on TV sitcom Suddenly Susan.

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