Katie Couric net worth

Katie Couric net worth

Net Worth: $55 Million

About Katie Couric

Katie Couric net worth

Katherine Anne Couric, better known as Katie Couric, is an American author and journalist. She is currently contributing to good Morning America, ABC World News, 20/20, Nightline, primetime news specials and This Week. Starting autumn 2012, Couric is a host of daytime talk-show Katie, produced by ABC-Disney Domestic Television and syndicated all over America. Earlier in her career Katie has worked on TV news program 60 Minutes, reported for CBS Evening news and Dateline NBC and hosted a daily morning television show Today. Couric will be remembered as the first female solo anchor of evening news program, aired on one of the three major traditional U.S. broadcast networks. As for the spring 2013, Katie Couric net worth is estimated at $55 million dollars.

Katherine was born in Virginia, in a family of John Martin and Elinor Couric. Her mother was a part-time writer and homemaker, while her father worked as a news editor and public relations executive at the major daily newspaper The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Although his fortune never came close to Katie Couric net worth, John Martin was professionally acclaimed journalist and a fairly wealthy man.

Katie’s maternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Germany, while her paternal ancestors came from France.

Couric graduated from Yorktown High School, where she was a cheerleader, and enrolled to study English at University of Virginia. It would not be a lie to say that Katie’s professional career started when she was still a teenager. When the future-millionaire was in senior high, her father helped her to get an internship at Washington’s news radio. Although this job did not add a single penny to Katie Couric net worth, it helped her realize that journalism is her true passion. While studying in UVA, Couric took various positions on University’s award-winning newspaper, entitled The Cavalier Daily.

In the late 1970s Katie landed her first job at ABC. The restless soul right from her birth, Couric could not stay in this position for long and soon transferred to work for CNN, WTWJ and NBC. In 1991 she was hired to substitute Norville on morning show Today. Her colleague chose not to return after giving a birth and soon Couric was announced to be a permanent co-anchor. During 15 years hosting this show Katie has interviewed some of the most influential politicians in the United States, including former presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald R. Ford, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and his First Lady. The salary for hosting this program is responsible for a good bulk of the current Katie Couric net worth. What about her personal life? For nearly ten years Katie was married to John Monahan. Together they had two daughters Elinor and Caroline. Katie’s beloved husband died from cancer in 1998.

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