Katie Holmes net worth

Katie Holmes net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes net worth

Katie Holmes is one of the most wanted stars in the media. Her career as well as her family and personal life are well exposed to the public. It has been claimed that Katie Holmes net worth has an amount of 25 million dollars, which makes her one of the multimillionaires in the acting industry.

Before becoming a well known actress, Katie Holmes has been involved into modeling and appeared in various musicals. Her initial dream was to become a doctor, however, when she appeared in one modeling and talent contest, she was noticed and was signed with an agency from New York. Thus, since then, Katie Holmes net worth began to be accumulated.

One year after signing with the agency, Katie Holmes got a role in the film called “The Ice Storm”, since which her career really took off. In the film, Katie Holmes was casted to portray a role of Libbets Casey. Moreover, Katie Holmes became an internationally known star when she appeared in the TV series called “Dawson’s Creek”, which soon gained worldwide attention. In the show, Katie Holmes was portraying a role of Joey Potter.

Because of her appearance in the “Dawson’s Creek”, Katie Holmes received more attention from producers and directors and was casted to appear in films such as “Teaching Mrs.

Tingle”, “Pieces of April” and “Disturbing Behavior”. In 2003, the TV series of “Dawson’s Creek” ended and Katie Holmes became mostly involved into big screen productions, which added revenues to the total amount of Katie Holmes net worth. She appeared in hit movies such as “Thank You for Smoking” as well as “Batman Begins”.

As it has been previously mentioned, Katie Holmes is also known because of her family. She is married to actor Tom Cruise, with whom they have a girl named Suri. Suri is a star in her own right already, often referred to as the most stylish celebrity kid in the industry. In 2010, Katie Holmes decided to get out of the spotlight and pay more attention to her family.

Since then, she has still been appearing in various talk shows or having guest appearances in various TV shows and films. Nevertheless, these appearances have also added extra revenues to Katie Holmes net worth. However, in 2012 it was stated that Katie Holmes decided to divorce her husband Tom Cruise, which was quite a huge shock for everybody.

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