Katy Perry net worth

Katy Perry net worth

Net Worth: $55 Million

About Katy Perry

Katy Perry net worth

Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in 1984. She is a singer, songwriter and an occasional actress extremely popular among the younger audience. Katy became famous in 2008, after her album One of the Boys was released. Since then Perry has earned numerous accolades, including nine Grammy nominations, and sold over 10 million albums all over the world. Katy Perry net worth is currently estimated at $55 million.

Katy was born in Santa Barbara, in a family of Keith and Mary Hudson. Both of her parents were pastors and tried to raise Katy on extremely conservative values. Katy loved music since her childhood and used to spend hours singing along with cassette types in front of the mirror. Her mother did not allow Katy to listen to most of the mainstream pop bands, because she deemed their lyrics to be indecent and fought they might have a bad influence on her daughter. Thus Perry grew up listening to gospel music and decided to seek career in this music genre. At the age of 15 Katy signed a contract with a label Red Hill, recording Christian music and released her debut album. A little later, in 2001 Katheryn assumed a stage name Katy Hudson and recorded an album in the mixed gospel-rock style.

However, the first two of the Katy’s albums were not commercially successful and did not add much to the current Katy Perry net worth.

Katy’s career got on the fast track after she was dropped by Columbia records and signed a contract with Virgin. Around this time Katy gave up her hopes to become popular while singing gospel music and turned into mainstream pop. That is when Katy Perry net worth started to grow. Soon her first single I Kissed a Girl was released and became hit on all the major radio stations in America. After this breakthrough the other successful records fallowed, like Hot and Cold, Waking Up in Vegas and Thinking of You. Katy’s first mainstream album was released in 2008 and sold millions of copies.
Two years later Perry released her second studio album The Teenage Dream. The album featured five Billboard No. 1 songs, making Katy the first woman artist in history of contemporary music to achieve this and the second artist after Michael Jackson. Since she became famous in 2008 Katy has sold over 11 million albums and seven times more digital tracks. According to Forbes, in 2011 she has earned $44 million and $45 million the following year. With such annual income, no wonder Katy Perry net worth is currently estimated at $55 million and is constantly growing.

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Katy Perry net worth Katy Perry net worth Katy Perry net worth

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