Keira Knightley net worth

Keira Knightley net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley net worth

Keira Knightley is one of the most well known actresses in today’s Hollywood industry. In addition, she is praised not only because of her talent to act, but also because of her looks. She has been recognized as one of the most beautiful and the sexiest actresses of her generation. It has been reported that the overall estimate of Keira Knightley net worth currently reaches 50 million dollars, which represents her successful career in acting. In addition to her career as an actress, she is also known as a model.

When she was just a little girl, Keira Knightley began her career into acting with her first appearances being in various TV shows. In 1995, she debuted as a film actress. In 1999, she appeared as a supporting character in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”. Her breakthrough role was in a production called “The Hole” in 2001.

One year later, she got even more attention when she was casted for a role in the film called “Bend It Like Beckham”. In 2003, Keira Knightley became an internationally recognized star, when she appeared in “The Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

She portrayed a role of Elizabeth Swann in it and the movie proved to be a real box office success. Thus, it also increased Keira Knightley net worth a lot.

Since her appearance in it, Keira Knightley got more and more opportunities to appear in other movies, which have been mainly in drama category. These films were the ones, such as “The Duchess”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “A Dangerous Method”, “Anna Karenina” and “Silk”. In addition to her appearances in drama films, Keira Knightley has also appeared in a comedy “Love Actually”, thriller “The Jacket” and action film “King Arthur”. These appearances also increased the overall estimate of Keira Knightley net worth. Other movies, for which she is also well known, are “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”, “The Edge of Love”, “London Boulevard”, “Never Let Me Go” and “Domino”.

Keira Knightley’s involvement into acting industry has been recognized and evaluated. She is known as a nominee of various awards, such as Golden Globes and Academy Awards. In 2008, it was stated that Keira Knightley was in the second position of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, which is also obvious when taking a look at the sum of Keira Knightley net worth. In 2007, it was stated that her net worth reached 32 million dollars. Thus, it increased quite a lot during those years.

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