Keith Chegwin net worth

Keith Chegwin net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Keith Chegwin

Keith Chegwin net worth

It has been announced that the total amount of the current Keith Chegwin net worth is as much as 6 million dollars. He has accumulated such a high wealth because of his career as a TV presenter and also as an actor.
Keith Chegwin was born in 1957 in Bootle. Keith Chegwin began his career with appearances in some talent competitions. When he was living in North Wales, he joined a touring concert group known as The Happy Wanderers, with which he appeared in some pubs and clubs. It was also this time when he was noticed by June Collins, who worked on TV. She asked him to come to auditions in London to appear in the play called “Mame”. When he was studying in school, Keith Chegwin was already appearing in TV commercials, TV series and films. Keith Chegwin appeared in some productions for the Children’s Film Foundation, such as “Egghead’s Robot” and “The Troublesome Double”.
In 1971 he got his breakthrough role as Fleance in the film by Roman Polanski called “Macbeth”. In 1973 he was chosen for a small part in the film called “The Optimists of Nine Elms”. Keith Chegwin had small roles in productions such as “The Adventures of Black Beauty”, “The Liver Birds”, “Z-Cars” and “My Old Man”, in addition to some others, which made his name even more known and also added up to the total sum of Keith Chegwin net worth.

In 1975 he got his last big acting part which was in the film called “Robin Hood Junior”. After that, he got small parts in two more productions called “Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?” and “Chester Mystery Cycle”.
Keith Chegwin has appeared in numerous TV commercials, too, such as for Cadbury Creme Eggs, Pepsi, Tizer and Barley Water. Keith Chegwin has appeared as a print model for underwear ads in the Freemans catalogue. Keith Chegwin has appeared in some stage plays, too, such as “The Good Old Bad Old Days” and “Tom Brown’s School Days”. Keith Chegwin also tried a career as a singer and he recorded some tunes for the Pye Records label. He worked as a DJ for some years for 194 Radio City.
In the middle of the 70s, Keith Chegwin decided to focus on his career as a presenter, which has also added up to the total size of Keith Chegwin net worth. The first shows which he presented include “Cheggers Plays Pop”, “Saturday Superstore” and “Multi-Coloured Swap Shop”. In the 80s and the 90s, his career slowed down because of the fact that he got addicted to alcohol. He described this part of his life in his autobiography called “Shaken But Not Stirred”.
In 1990, he resumed his work as a presenter when he appeared as such on the live Sky talent program which took place at night called “Sky Star Search”. In 1992, after his appearance on the TV show called “This Morning”, Keith Chegwin stopped drinking alcohol. Keith Chegwin then was hired to work on GMTV, where he stayed for 7 years and which has also increased the overall sum of Keith Chegwin net worth.

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