Keith Richards net worth

Keith Richards net worth

Net Worth: $280 Million

About Keith Richards

Keith Richards net worth

It has been stated that the overall estimate of Keith Richards net worth is as high as 280 million dollars. He has accumulated the most of his net worth through being one of the members of the popular band called “The Rolling Stones”, which is known all around the globe. Keith Richards is also known as a singer, guitarist, song writer, record producer and a founding member of the band. All these involvements added a lot of revenues to the total estimate of Keith Richards net worth.

One of the band’s members, with whom he had the strongest connection, was Mick Jagger. Together with him, Keith Richards has written many hits of “The Rolling Stones”. Moreover, according to the Rolling Stones magazine, the duo has written 14 songs which are considered to be the best songs in the history of music. Thus, it is no surprise that song writing has been one of the major sources of Keith Richards net worth.

Moreover, in the magazine mentioned above, Keith Richards occupies the 10th place in the list of the best guitarists of all time. In addition to palying guitar, Keith Richards is also known as a talented keyboard player and a bassist.

One of the main influences to the music created by Keith Richards is known to be Chuck Berry.

One of the band’s songs, “Satisfaction”, is regarded to be as one of the most successful songs of “The Rolling Stones”. In addition, 14 hits written by Keith Richards were included into the Rolling Stones magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Keith Richards is also known as an inspiration to Johnny Depp in his character of as Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

However, Keith Richards is also known as quite a notorious and controversial celebrity, mainly because his drugs, heroine and other substances use. Also, the one who inspired Keith Richards to start playing guitar was his grandfather from his mother side, who was also involved into music and was a member of a jazz band called “Gus Dupree and His Boys”. Thus, today, playing a guitar is also an important source of Keith Richards net worth.

While growing up, Keith Richards was singing in a choir until his voice started mutating. Today, he is one of the leading singers in the band and in every album of the band he is singing at least one song as a leading voice.

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keith richards net worth keith richards net worth keith richards net worth

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