Keith Sweat net worth

Keith Sweat net worth

Net Worth: $250 thousand

About Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat net worth

Keith Sweat is a well known musician. However, for the last years he became more famous not because of his involvement into music, but because of his net worth. It has been stated that the overall size of Keith Sweat net worth is in the negative of 250 thousand dollars. In addition to being a singer, he is also known as a radio personality and record producer. Moreover, he has been credited with making the music style of New Jack Swing popular. Thus, all these involvements played a huge role when it comes to accumulating Keith Sweat net worth.

Born in 1961, Keith Sweat was raised in a family, where his father worked in a factory and his mother was a hairdresser. Also, in his family, there was 5 kids and after the death of his father, his mother raised all kids by herself. Keith Sweat later enrolled into City College of New York, where he earned his BS in communications.

In order to make ends meet, Keith Sweat was working a couple of jobs, such as mailroom clerk at Paine Webber and a night stock boy at Macy’s. After four years, Keith Sweat got a more important occupation, that being in the New York Stock Exchange.

Also, during his free time, Keith Sweat was singing in various night clubs, where he in fact got noticed. These appearances also led to him signing a contract deal with Elektra Records.

Also, years after, Keith Sweat established his own record label, called Keia Entertainment, which is another important source of Keith Sweat net worth. He named his label after his younger daughter. Keith Sweat is also known as a father of four kids and he has full custody of them, which makes him a single father. His kids are being raised in Georgia, with the help of Keith Sweat’s mother.

Talking about his music career, which made him a star and also added up to the overall amount of Keith Sweat net worth, he began his career in 1975, when he became a member of the band called “Jamilah”. However, in 1984, he left the band so he could start his career as a solo singer. Also, it was this time when he performed in night clubs and secured a record deal with Elektra Records. In 1987, he got signed to another label, that being the Vintertainment Records, when he was noticed by Vincent Davis, who is the owner of the mentioned label.

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