Kel Mitchell net worth

Kel Mitchell net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Kel Mitchell

Kel Mitchell net worth

Kel Mitchell is a well known name in show business. Kel Mitchell is involved into many activities related to show business, such as acting, singing, rapping, screenwriting, producing, dancing and comedy. All these involvements have played a huge role in accumulating Kel Mitchell net worth which has been estimated to reach almost 4 million dollars. Moreover, Kel Mitchell is also an occasional parodist.

Kel Mitchell became well known in 1994, when he began appearing in a sitcom on the Nickelodeon channel called “All That”. Thus, a huge part of Kel Mitchell net worth was accumulated when he appeared in that show. He stayed in it till the cancelling of the show in 1999. In 1996, while still filming for the “All That” show, Kel Mitchell also was casted for another show on the same channel, Nickelodeon, the show being “Kenan and Kel”. In this show, he portrayed a role of Kel Kimble. The show ran till 2000. Thus, it also increased the overall amount of Kel Mitchell net worth. In 1997, he also appeared in a film called “Good Burger”, where he was casted for a role of Ed.

Kel Mitchell was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1978.

In the 1990s, Kel Mitchell became popular due to his collaboration with another comedian, Kenan Thompson, with whom he toured a lot. Thus, comedian’s career also increased the total estimate of Kel Mitchell net worth. The collaboration with Kenan Thompson proved to be a success, with the duo appearing in many TV shows and TV series, such as “Sister, Sister” and “The Steve Harvey Show”. Moreover, they also starred in the production of “Cousin Skeeter”.

However, to a lot of people, Kel Mitchell is mostly known from the TV show called “Kenan and Kel”. In this show, Kel Mitchell was one of the favorite characters to the audiences due to his charming character and antics.

Giving some background information about the star, Kel Mitchell has two sisters named Kyra and Keyana. Kel Mitchell was married to Tyisha Hamtpon, however, the couple separated in 2005 after eight years of marriage. With her, Kel Mitchell has two kids, Lyric and Allure.

Kel Mitchell is also known as a voice actor. He lent his voice to a character of a dog named T-Bone in the animated series called “Big Red Dogs”. Thus, being a voice actor also increased his net worth a lot. Therefore, being involved into cinema industry added most of financial success to Kel Mitchell.

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