Kelly Monaco net worth

Kelly Monaco net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco net worth

Kelly Monaco is a well known model. This career led her to appear in many TV shows, which also made her a huge TV star. Thus, these two mentioned careers also have played a huge part when increasing the total sum of Kelly Monaco net worth, which has been reported to reach 4 million dollars.

In 1997, she appeared on the Playboy magazine and was also the winner of the title of the Playboy Playmate of the magazine’s April issue. In 2003, she became a TV show star and a star on soap operas. Thus, in that year, she appeared on the show called “General Hospital”, where she appeared as Sam McCall. This role also increased the overall size of Kelly Monaco net worth. It is also known that she is still appearing on the show today. In 2005, Kelly Monaco participated in one of the most popular TV shows called “Dancing with the Stars”, where she also became a winner of it.
When she was a student at high school, Kelly Monaco also began taking acting lessons. When she graduated from high school, Kelly Monaco began working as a lifeguard in a local resort area.

In 1996, Kelly Monaco decided that she wanted to get involved into modelling industry and sent her photos to the Playboy magazine.

In the following year, she appeared in the magazine and also won the title of the Playmate of the Month of April. Thus, Playboy can be considered as a starter of her career, which began to increase the overall amount of Kelly Monaco net worth. In the 1990s, she mainly modelled for the Playboy magazine and appeared in numerous special editions of the magazine.

The first time she appeared on TV was in 1996, when she got a role of the show “Baywatch”. There, she stayed for one year, till 1997. Since the show was a huge international success, it also added up to the total sum of Kelly Monaco net worth. On this show, she was casted as Susan. However, in addition to this role, she from time to time had to appear as a body of Carmen Electra’s character, because Carmen Electra could not swim.

In addition to having these two roles on “Baywatch”, there was also another show in which she also appeared as two characters. This show was called “Port Charles” and there she appeared as Tess Ramsey and Olivia Morley.

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