Kelly Slater net worth

Kelly Slater net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater net worth

Kelly Slater is one of the most well known American athletes. In addition, he is probably one of the most successful surfers of America, and this is considered to be the main source of Kelly Slater net worth, as well, which currently has been reported to reach 22 million dollars. As a surfer, Kelly Slater is mostly known for his competitive style and power. 11 times Kelly Slater won a title of ASP World Tour Champion, which made him a successful surfer in the history of this sport. Also, he held 5 consecutive titles of this championship, between the years 1994-1998. Moreover, he became the youngest person to get such a title when being only 20 years old and also when he was 39 years old, he won it again, which made him the oldest one to win this title.
In 1997, when he won this title for the 5th time, Kelly Slater was recognized as the most successful surfer of all time, which was previously achieved by Mark Richards. Thus, with such huge achievements, Kelly Slater net worth increased a lot, too.

In addition to him being champion of ASP World Tour, Kelly Slater is also known as a winner of X-Games, a title which he reached in 2003 and in 2004.

In addition, Kelly Slater was awarded two perfect scores of 20 out of 20 and became the first surfer ever to get such a score. Since 1990, Kelly Slater became a face of Quiksilver, which gives him his surf wear and other needed gear. Thus, endorsement deals also play an important role in accumulating Kelly Slater net worth. Kelly Slater is also known as riding Channel Islands surfboards.

Besides his career as a surfer, in 2004, Kelly Slater became a graduate of Sydney University in Australia, where he was studying Criminal Law. In fact, he started to study it in 1998 but had to go part-time due to his other involvements.

Kelly Slater is also known as a motivational speaker, namely for raising awareness of suicide prevention. Also, he has appeared in various events for Surfers Against Suicide. During one of such meetings, Kelly Slater confessed that he had lost some friends in this way and he sees speaking about this problem as a positive point in helping people to try to avoid it. Thus, in addition to his career as a surfer, which has brought much success to him and increased Kelly Slater net worth, he is also involved into many other activities, such as the abovementioned.

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