Ken Todd net worth

Ken Todd net worth

Net Worth: $85 Million

About Ken Todd

Ken Todd net worth

Ken Todd is a well known celebrity. It has been reported that the current sum of Ken Todd net worth reaches an amount of 85 million dollars. He has accumulated such a net worth through his successful involvement into business. In fact, he is regarded as one of the richest British-American businesspeople. Mainly, Ken Todd is known as an owner of his restaurant chains, which has brought huge sums of money to his wealth and, as a result, increased the total amount of Ken Todd net worth.

Ken Todd is known as one of the most successful restaurant owners during the past 30 years. Ken Todd is known as an owner as well as a manager of restaurants and bars established in the most prestigious places in Los Angeles and London. These restaurants are usually described as the most luxurious in the area and as a result, Ken Todd is also regarded as one of the best restaurants’ owners. Also, before he got involved into owning a majority of high profile bars and restaurants, he was also involved into textiles business, which for quite some time served as the main source of Ken Todd net worth.

In 1982, Ken Todd started his career as an owner of restaurants.

In that year, he bought a restaurant named Corks, which is based in London. It was also this place, where Ken Todd met his later to become wife, Lisa Vanderpump. His wife is also known to be involved into restaurant industry with him and as a duo, they own one of the largest and richest restaurant chains in the world. Thus, Ken Todd is married to also a successful businesswoman as himself.

In addition, his wife is also appearing on a Bravo TV reality show called “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and from time to time Ken Todd, as a husband of her, is also appearing on this show. Moreover, his wife got involved into TV shows full force. Recently, she even has got her own TV show which is as a spin-off of the previously mentioned show, called “Vanderpump Rules”.
Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump have been married for over 30 years. Their marriage is special in a way that Ken Todd decided to take his wife’s surname as his official surname, thus, he is also known as Ken Vanderpump. Their name is one of the most popular in business industry, which is the career adding millions of dollars to Ken Todd net worth, as well.

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ken todd net worth ken todd net worth ken todd net worth

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