Kenny Anderson net worth

Kenny Anderson net worth

Net Worth: $800 Thousand

About Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Kenny Anderson net worth is 800 thousand dollars. Kenny Anderson became famous because of his career in basketball, although today he is known to be no longer playing it professionally. Kenny Anderson is also known as one of those sportspeople, who have had a lot of troubles with their money, as it can also be seen when taking a look at the total sum of Kenny Anderson net worth.

During his career as a professional basketball player, at one point his annual earnings reached as much as 60 million dollars. When he retired from his career as a professional basketball player, Kenny Anderson also made statements that he was completely broke.

The basketball player was born in 1970 in New York. When he was still studying at elementary school he already played basketball incredibly well and at a such young age he was already attracting attention from talent agents and scouts. Kenny Anderson was also titled to be the New York State Mr. Basketball. Also for two years he was playing in Georgia Tech as a member of its basketball team.

After his sophomore year, Kenny Anderson participated in the NBA Draft.

Thus, in 1991 he joined the team of the New Jersey Nets. He stayed in this team for five years and during this amount of time Kenny Anderson net worth also began to increase a lot. After that, he was traded to the team of Charlotte Hornets. In addition to playing in these teams, Kenny Anderson played in some others, too, such as the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers, Indiana Pacers, Seattle SuperSonics and Atlanta Hawks. Thus playing in all these teams made him a well known basketball player in the NBA and it also added up to the overall sum of Kenny Anderson net worth.

Until the end of the season of 2006, Kenny Anderson also played in the overseas team in Lithuania, called Kaunas Zalgiris. When he retired, Kenny Anderson worked as a coach, as well. He was the coach of the Continental Basketball Association. Also, after his retirement, Kenny Anderson’s name was inducted into the New York City Basketball Hall of Fame, which was a big achievement to him, as well. In 2010, Kenny Anderson graduated from St. Thomas University. In 2007 Kenny Anderson’s wedding ceremony happened when he married his present wife named Natasha.

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