Kenny G net worth

Kenny G net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Kenny G

Kenny G net worth

Kenny G is a well known name when talking about jazz music. It has been announced that Kenny G net worth today reaches a high sum of 50 million dollars. Kenny G has earned his net worth through his career as a being a jazz saxophonist, which made him popular all around the world. In 1986, when he released his fourth album entitled “Duotones”, Kenny G became a very popular saxophonist in the world, thus, this album is also considered as the breakthrough success of him. The sales of the album also added up to the overall amount of Kenny G net worth.

When talking about the modern ages, Kenny G is regarded as the highest selling instrumentalist, as well. When talking about musicians of all time, Kenny G is also regarded as one of the best selling performers. It can be proved by the fact that more than 75 million copies of his records have been sold on an international scale.

Kenny G was born in 1956 in Washington. He was raised in a Jewish household. When he was 10 years old Kenny G got interested into music and decided that saxophone could be a great instrument to start playing with.

Kenny G’s first saxophone teacher was Gerald Pfister, but in addition to that, he also began to play by ear, he tried to emulate the sounds which he was hearing in various records he was listening to.

When he was studying in high school, Kenny G also got admitted to the jazz band of the school, however, only after one year trying into getting in the band he was finally accepted. In addition to learning at high school, Kenny G was also taking saxophone lessons. In addition to his interest into music, Kenny G was also an avid golf player. His passion for sports developed at the same time as he was interested into jazz music. However, eventually he became more known for his involvement into music, which has increased Kenny G net worth by a mile. When he was studying at the University of Washington, Kenny G still was involved into music.

In 1982, Kenny G began his career as a solo musician when he got a chance to sign a record deal with Arista Records. Under this label, he has released quite a lot of recordings, sales of which also added up to the total amount of Kenny G net worth.

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