Kenny Lattimore net worth

Kenny Lattimore net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Kenny Lattimore

Kenny Lattimore net worth

It has been claimed that he current estimate of Kenny Lattimore net worth is as high as 2 million dollars. He is known as an American RnB singer and this career has also added up a lot to his wealth. Born in 1970, Kenny Lattimore got interested in music when he was studying at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, Maryland. Kenny Lattimore has stated that the one who encouraged him to start a music career was Dr. Barbara Baker. Kenny Lattimore was invited to be a speaker during the 2005 Eleanor Roosevelt High School Graduation. After high school, he was studying at Howard University in Washington, D.C.
Kenny Lattimore was invited to be a guest session musician with the Maniquin band, eventually becoming the lead singer of the band. In 1989, the group released an album called “Maniquin”, signed with Epic Records. From this album, a single was released, called “I Wanna Ride”. Kenny Lattimore finally decided to start a solo career and left the band, which soon disbanded, as well. However, his time with the band made him more known in music and added up to the overall estimate of Kenny Lattimore net worth.

In 1996, he got signed as a solo act to Columbia Records, which released his debut album called “Kenny Lattimore”. Two successful singles from the album were released, such as “Never Too Busy” and “For You”, which was nominated for a Grammy award. The album was so successful that it was even certified as Gold. Thus, the sales of it have also added up to the total estimate of Kenny Lattimore net worth. The album won him a NAACP Image Award for Best New Artist.
In 1998, another album of his was released, called “From the Soul of Man”, which also was a success. Some singles from this album were released, including “Days Like This” and “If I Lose My Woman”. Then, he took a break from his musical career. Kenny Lattimore came back to the music industry signed to a new label, called Arista Records. In 2001, he released a contemporary music album, called “Weekend”.
In 2002, Kenny Lattimore got married to Chante Moore, who is also a singer. With her, he started a duo when they released an album called “Things That Lovers Do” in 2003. The album included some singles, such as “You Don’t Have To Cry” and “Loveable (From Your Head To Your Toes)”. Thus, his duo work has also increased the overall estimate of Kenny Lattimore net worth.
In 2003, Chante Moore gave birth to their first baby, named Kenny Jr. Another album, which the duo released, was called “Uncovered/Covered”. From the album, a few singles were released, called “Make Me Like The Moon” and “Figure It Out”. During the first week of the album sales, it landed in the 10th place on the Billboard R&B Charts as well as the 2nd place on the Billboard Gospel charts. The duo recorded a cover song called “You’re All I Need to Get By”, which was used a theme song for the TV show called “The Family Crews” on BET. However, in 2011, the couple divorced.

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