Kenny Rogers plastic surgery

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery

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Kenny Rogers plastic surgery

Nowadays the trend to get at least little plastic surgery applies not only to famous women, but sometimes even to male celebrities. Kenny Rogers plastic surgery is no secret, because the changes on his face were quite obvious and it was clear that they couldn’t have happened naturally. Kenny Rogers is one of the most well known country music singers in the world.

Rumors about Kenny Rogers plastic surgery started long time ago. It is now known that he has gotten his first procedures in early 90s. At that time plastic surgery wasn’t as professional as it is now and it was a much bigger possibility that something might go wrong. The procedure that he has decided to get was a face lift. Kenny Rogers has admitted that the main reason for getting this kind of surgery was that he wanted to look younger. At that time he was already in his 50s and his wife was more than 20 years younger than him – he constantly felt the pressure to look younger. Unfortunately, the results of that surgery weren’t as good as expected. Looking at the photo comparisons, we can see that the procedure did erase the wrinkles on his face, but his skin looked too tight and too smooth and it was obvious that this wasn’t his natural look.

However, nowadays Kenny Rogers looks much better. According to him, his face looks better and better as he ages, because the results of that surgery are slowly wearing off. His skin is still tighter than it would be if he wouldn’t have gotten any surgery at all, but now his face looks natural, just younger. If we look at the photo comparisons, we can see that Kenny Rogers is telling the truth. Even though he hasn’t gotten any more plastic surgery procedures, his face looks better as he ages. It seems that he has decided to age gracefully and that works very well.

All in all, there is no doubt that at least some of the rumors about Kenny Rogers plastic surgery are true. His situation is a little bit different than those than we often hear when talking about celebrity plastic surgery. There was a plastic surgery that went wrong, but in the end, over the years it has made Kenny Rogers look more youthful and natural. It is hard to tell if it was really a bad choice to get than plastic surgery.

Did Kenny Rogers Undergone Plastic Surgery

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