Kevin Garnett net worth

Kevin Garnett net worth

Net Worth: $180 Million

About Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett net worth

Kevin Maurice Garnett, professionally known as Kevin Garnett and often referred to as “KG”, is a professional basketball player from the United States, currently competing on the side of Boston Celtics. During his lengthy career on the National Basketball League Kevin has won numerous accolades, most notably 15 NBA All-Star, 4 All-NBA First Team, 3 All-NBA Second Team, 9 All Defensive First Team, 3 All-Defensive second team, 2 All NBA Second Team awards and 4 NBA Rebounding Champion titles. He was named the Most Valuable NBA Player in 2004 and became an NBA champion four years later. Kevin Garnett net worth is currently estimated at $180 million.

Kevin, a middle child in a family, was born in South California, to O’Lewis McCullough and Shirley Garnett. After divorce Shirley raised her three children alone for a while and re-married when Kevin was 12. The boy started playing basketball after classes when he was still at Hillcrest Middle School, but did not start training with a couch until he began to attend Mauldin High School. Although he loved the sports’ classes at Mauldin, Garnett had to leave this school because of unceasing conflicts between white and black students.

He transferred to Chicago, Farragut Career Academy, where he continued to develop skills that eventually boosted Kevin Garnett net worth to nearly 200 million dollars. During his senior year in high school Garnett set the records and was named Mr. Basketball for his state. The daily newspaper USA Today announced him to be National High School Player of the Year. At Farragut Career Academy Kevin were teammates with Ronnie Field. Although Ron also became a professional basketball player, his fortune never came close to Kevin Garnett net worth.

In 1995, following a successful season with his high school team, Kevin decided it is time to move into professional league and declared himself eligible for the NBA Draft. He became the first player since 1975 to be drafted straight from the class. Kevin Garnett net worth shot to the stars after he started playing for Minnesota Timberwolves. With Kevin on the team Timberwolves’ game improved immediately. Garnett led Wolves to eight consecutive playoffs and some years later- to the Western Conference Finals. That year he was named as the most valuable player on the entire National Basketball League. Following their 2004 success Minnesota’s team slowed down and recorded some of their worst results since the mid 90s. Although Garnett did his best, the team failed to make their 9th consecutive playoffs. In 2007 Kevin left Minnesota and started playing for Boston Celtics. According to some sources his three-year contract with this team boosted Kevin Garnett net worth by $60 million. In 2008 Boston Celtics, with Garnett on their side, were victorious at the NBA championship.

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