Kevin Hart net worth

Kevin Hart net worth

Net Worth: $9 Million

About Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart net worth

Kevin Hart is a well known American comedian and actor. He earned his name on Comedy Central specials, like I’m a Grown Little Man or Seriously Funny, also such Hollywood movies as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Little Fockers, Soul Plane. Kevin Hart net worth is estimated to be around $9 million.
Kevin was born in Pennsylvania, in a family of Nancy and Henry Harts.

It was not one of those perfect families that you see on breakfast cereal commercials. Kevin’s father was addicted to cocaine and spent most of his childhood being locked up in jail. His mother had to work really hard to provide for her two kids. She could not have imagined that Kevin Hart net worth one day will be counted in millions. Despite all his misconducts, Kevin does not blame his father for ruining his childhood. Recently in one of the interviews Kevin mentioned that maybe his father being a cocaine addict worked out for the best, at least in some sense. Kevin has witnessed by his own eyes how drugs can ruin a person’s life. This made him to take a firm position against the drug use and stay clear.

Instead of fallowing his father’s footsteps, Kevin graduated from Community college and moved to Massachusetts to work in a shoe shop as a salesman.

Since his childhood Kevin has been good at making other people laugh, but he never believed that this could become his full-time job. For his own pleasure, Kevin occasionally performed as an amateur standup comedian in a night club in his hometown and other places around the region of New England. His real breakthrough came in 2001, when Kevin was noticed by Judd Aptow and received an invitation to cast on Undeclared, popular TV series.

It wasn’t a big role, but it was exactly the platform that Kevin needed to become recognized and loved all over the US. As his popularity started to grow, so did Kevin Hart net worth. After he got his breakthrough, Kevin was invited to act in other successful movies, such as Paper Soldiers, Along Came Polly, and Scary Movie 3. In 2009 Kevin released his first comic album I’m a Grown Little Man. After that two more albums fallowed, the second of which, called Laugh at My Pain, was evaluated extremely well by both critics and audience.

Kevin had a little less luck in his personal life than he did in his career. In 2003 he married Torrie Hart. It wasn’t long before their two children, Heaven Leigh and Hendrix, were born. Unfortunately, a couple announced about their divorce in 2010, claiming that marriage has failed due to their irreconcilable differences. Kevin Hart net worth did not suffer a lot from the divorce process. It was proved in a court that Torrie, as a popular stand-up comedian too, is able to support herself and thus she should not pretend to the fortunes of her ex husband.

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