Kevin Trudeau net worth

Kevin Trudeau net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau net worth

It has been estimated that the current sum of Kevin Trudeau net worth reaches 10 million dollars. He has accumulated such sum through his successful involvement into business. In addition to that, he is known to be involved into many other careers, for example, he is also an author and a radio show host. Moreover, Kevin Trudeau is also an infomercial salesman. Moreover, he is also known as a founder of the International Pool Tour, which is well known for being the organization which gives the largest prizes for the winners of playing pool.

However, he is probably mostly known because of his books. His books are usually focused on alternative medicine. One of such books is titled “Natural Cures They Don’t Want to Know About”. The sales of his books also have added up to the overall amount of Kevin Trudeau net worth. In the mentioned book, Kevin Trudeau is discussing issues such as that US Food and Drug Administration does not have big profits and in fact it does not pay attention to effective cures. Moreover, he stated that for administrations such as the before mentioned, more important is making a profit than actually creating effective treatment technologies.

Kevin Trudeau was born in 1963 in Massachusetts. He was raised in an adoptive family, by his adoptive dad Robert and adoptive mom Mary. When he was studying in high school, Kevin Trudeau was titled as the student of the year 1981 who was most likely to succeed out of all students of that year, which pretty much came true. This could also be proven by the high Kevin Trudeau net worth.

In addition to his success in business, Kevin Trudeau has also received much controversy, mainly because of his legal troubles including both civil and criminal works of him. In the beginning of the 90s, Kevin Trudeau was charged with credit card fraud as well as larceny. In 1998, he also had to pay a huge fine, which reached 500 thousand dollars. This sum had to be paid because of his misleading of consumers when in his infomercials he provided many false statements. In 2004, Kevin Trudeau’s work as a promoter was banned, but he was still able to promote his own books.

In addition, he got more controversy as well as legal troubles when he joined a firm called Nutrition for Life. Although this joining added more finance to Kevin Trudeau net worth, it also made him to be charged with running a pyramid scheme.

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