Keyshia Cole net worth

Keyshia Cole net worth

Net Worth: $9.5 Million

About Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole net worth

Keyshia Cole is a popular American singer, songwriter, record producer and an occasional actress. She rose to prominence in 2008, when her debut album entitled The Way It Was reached the stores. It became an instant commercial success and eventually received Platinum certification from Recording Industries Association of America. What increased the album’s popularity dramatically were the reality series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, aired on BET television since 2006. Keyshia Cole net worth is currently estimated at $9.5 million.

Keyshia was born in California, to Frankie and already deceased father, Sal. Still a toddler, Keyshia was adopted by Yvonne and Leon Cole, the people that raised her and called her their real daughter. Keyshia entered the music industry at the age 12, when she and her younger brother Sean were introduced to MC Hammer. For those who have not heard of this man, Hammer is a famous American rapper and dancer best known for his singles “You Can’t Touch This” and “2 Legit 2 Quit”. Although during his career MC has sold over 55 million albums, his fortune is significantly lower than Keyshia Cole net worth, reaching just a little over $1 million.

Cole later befriended a rap legend Tupac Shakur and the two agreed to cooperate on his upcoming project. Sadly, the rapper was shot the same evening he made an agreement which was supposed to help Keyshia built a career in music industry. When Keyshia turned 18, she left her hometown to seek recognition in Los Angeles. Although her early career was not financially rewarding and Keyshia Cole net worth staid modest, during this period she made a lot of interesting and useful acquaintances. Keyshia collaborated with Messy Marv, D’Wayne Wiggings and Tony Toni Tone.

Cole’s career took off after she was introduced to the producers of A&R Records. As soon as Ron Fair has heard a working version of her song “Love”, he signed the young artist and started mentoring her. In 2004 Keyshia released her first single, entitled “Never”, which was followed by “I Changed My Mind” (ft. Kanye West). Her fist song to top the charts, “(I Just Want It) To Be Over”, was released in spring 2005. The same year Cole’s debut album, The Way It Is, reached the stores. Besides the songs mentioned above it featured such hits as “Love” (her first single to sell over 1 million records) and “I Should Have Cheated”. The Way It Is sold nearly 90 thousand copies during the week after its release and 1 million eight weeks later. The sales from this album added a solid sum to Keyshia Cole net worth and made her name known for every R&B fan in the United States.

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