Kim Darby net worth

Kim Darby net worth

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

About Kim Darby

Kim Darby net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of the current Kim Darby net worth reaches 500 thousand dollars. Kim Darby is a popular actress. In 1969, she got her most recognized role, that being as Mattie Ross in the film called “True Grit”.
The actress was born in 1947 in Los Angeles, California and her real birth name is Deborah Zerby. Both of her parents were professional dancers, named Jon and Inga Zerby. Her father was the one who gave her a nickname Derby. Kim Darby started her career as a dancer and a singer and at that time, she used a stage name of ‘Derby Zerby’. However, she thought that it would be difficult to get serious film roles with such a name. Thus, she decided to be called Kim Darby.
When she was 15 years old, she began to act and this career became the main source of increasing the current sum of Kim Darby net worth. In 1963, she had a role in her first film, which was in “Bye Bye Birdie”, where she appeared as a dancer. The actress can also be remembered for her role in the film called “True Grit”. What is interesting about it is that she played a girl of 14 years old and at that time, her real age was 21.

Kim Darby appeared in two episodes of the series called “Gunsmoke”. Also, she was a guest in one episode of the series called “Bonanza”. In 1978, Kim Darby had a role in “The One and Only”. In 1985, she appeared in “Better Off Dead”. In 1995, Kim Darby was chosen to appear in “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers”.
Moreover, the actress appeared twice on the NBC program called “Mr. Novak”. In 1963, she was chosen for the role of Julie Dean in the production called “To Lodge and Dislodge”. Two years later, Kim Darby appeared as Judy Wheeler in “The Silent Dissuaders”. At about the same time, the actress had roles in “The Fugitive”, “Ironside”, “Star Trek”, “The Donna Reed Show” and “The Eleventh Hour”. Thus, all of these appearances have also added up a lot of revenues to the total amount of Kim Darby net worth.
In 1965, she appeared in one episode of the NBC series called “The John Forsythe Show”. She had a part in the Western series called “The Road West”. In 1967, Kim Darby appeared in three episodes of the TV series called “Gunsmoke”. In 1972, the actress appeared in the film called “The People”. Also, she was chosen to appear in the first TV miniseries called “Rich Man, Poor Man”, in which she played the role of the unhinged Virginia Calderwood.
In 1973, the actress appeared as the main role in the film called “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” as Sally Farnham. Then, she appeared in a lot of TV series, including “The Love Boat”, “Crazy Like a Fox”, “Becker”, “Family”, “Riptide” and “The Streets of San Francisco”. Thus, all of these productions have served as important sources of increasing the overall sum of Kim Darby net worth.

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