Kim Thayil net worth

Kim Thayil net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Kim Thayil

Kim Thayil net worth

It has been calculated that the overall sum of Kim Thayil net worth reaches as high as 30 million dollars, according to the recent estimations. He has earned his net worth and become popular because of his career as a musician. Kim Thayil is the lead guitarist of the group called Soundgarden. In 1984, he created this group together with bassist Hiro Yamamoto and singer Chris Cornell. Rolling Stone named Kim Thayil as the 100th greatest guitarist of all time.
The musician was born in 1960 in Seattle. However, he was raised in the Chicago suburb of Park Forest. His first group was called Zippy and His Vast Army of Pinheads, which played cover songs as well as original tunes. In 1980, Kim Thayil was a guitar player in another band called Identity Crisis. He released an EP called “Pretty Feet”.
When Kim Thayil moved to Seattle, he was working as a DJ for KCMU. He was also studying at the University of Washington, where he earned his degree in philosophy. In 1984, Kim Thayil created his band called Soundgarden, which became one of the main sources of making his name famous as well as of increasing the total estimate of Kim Thayil net worth.

The group became the first Seattle’s grunge band to get signed to a major label, which was A&M Records. The group managed to release five albums. Three of those albums were certified as platinum. Thus, the sales of them have also added up a lot of revenues to the current size of Kim Thayil net worth. Also, the group became a winner of two Grammy awards.
Kim Thayil is considered the pioneer of the so called Seattle Sound, which he was able to achieve playing his guitar. Kim Thayil was also one of the main songwriters for the band. In fact, Kim Thayil is credited as a songwriter of the following songs of Soundgarden: “Hunted Down”, “Tears To Forget”, “Little Joe”, “Kingdom of Come”, “Circle of Power”, “Get on the Snake”, “Room a Thousand Years Wide”, “Limo Wreck”, “Never the Machine Forever”, “By Crooked Steps”, “Blood on the Valley Floor”, “Non-State Actor” and “A Thousand Days Before”. Therefore, his career as a songwriter has also added up to the overall estimate of Kim Thayil net worth.
In 1997, however, Soundgarden stopped appearing as a group. In 1999, he created another band called the No WTO Combo. In fact, the group was formed to celebrate and support the rampant protest activity against the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999. In 2000, the band released a live album called “Live from the Battle in Seattle”.
In 2004, Kim Thayil appeared with the project called Probot. He played in two songs called “Sweet Dreams” and “Ice Cold Man”. Kim Thayil was a regular cast member of the show called “Almost Live!”. In 2010, the news was announced that Soundgarden was reunited for their first show in 13 years. The band’s name was changed to Nudedragons. In the same year, the group appeared as Soundgarden at The Vic Theatre in Chicago.

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