Kirk Douglas net worth

Kirk Douglas net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas net worth

It has been stated that the overall sum of Kirk Douglas net worth reaches 60 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through his career as an actor, author, producer and director. Kirk Douglas is probably mostly known from movies, such as “Ace in the Hole”, “Out of the Past”, “Paths of Glory”, “The Bad and the Beautiful”, “20,000 Leagues under the Sea”, “Gunfight at the O. K. Corral”, “Lust for Life”, “Seven Days in May”, “Tough Guys”, “Lonely Are the Brave” and many more. These films also increased the overall estimate of Kirk Douglas net worth a lot. Kirk Douglas is also often referred to as one of the legends in the Hollywood industry.

Kirk Douglas was born in New York in 1916. His parents emigrated from Russia to the United States before Kirk Douglas was even born. When he was growing up, Kirk Douglas was known to be under a different name, which was Izzy Demsky and only later changed it to the name, which is known today. Because he was born in a quite poor family, Kirk Douglas had to work a lot of odd jobs in order to support himself and his family financially.

When he was studying at St. Lawrence University, in order to pay his tuition fees, Kirk Douglas was also working as a janitor and a gardener. At the same time he was also involved into wrestling and also got paid for this hobby.

However, Kirk Douglas was noticed at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He even got a scholarship to study there. When he was studying there, Kirk Douglas also debuted in Broadway, in the production called “Spring Again”.

Soon, after he came back from Navy, Kirk Douglas got fully involved into acting, which also began to bring huge sums of money to Kirk Douglas net worth. In the film called “Champion”, Kirk Douglas adopted a tough man’s image with his portraying of a selfish boxer.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Kirk Douglas established himself as one of the most successful and highest grossing stars in the industry. In these years, he appeared in many movies, such as “Lonely Are the Brave”, “Along the Great Divide”, “The Bad and the Beautiful”, “Young Man with a Horn”, “Top Secret Affair”, “Town Without Pity”, “Heroes of Telemark”, “Cast a Giant Shadow” and many more and all these appearances also added up to the total sum of Kirk Douglas net worth.

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