Kirk Franklin net worth

Kirk Franklin net worth

Net Worth: $8.5 Million

About Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin net worth

Kirk Franklin is one of the multi millionaires in the music industry. It has been estimated that the current sum of Kirk Franklin net worth reaches 8.5 million dollars. Kirk Franklin is mostly known as a gospel singer, however, he is also a director of a choir and an author, and these sources have added a lot of financial success to the overall sum of Kirk Franklin net worth, as well. More than 20 million copies of his recordings have been sold on an international scale, which also proves his commercial success in the world.

Kirk Franklin is credited with leading a lot of contemporary gospel bands to receive huge successes in the whole world. He helped to popularize acts, such as One Nation Crew, The Family and God’s Property. In addition, his involvement into music industry has been awarded and evaluated. Kirk Franklin is known as a recipient of seven Grammy awards.

Kirk Franklin was born in 1970 in Texas. When he was a baby, his mother abandoned him and he was raised in a care of his aunt. When he was four years old, Kirk Franklin’s aunt started to bring Kirk Franklin to piano lessons and in order to pay for them, she would usually collect and resell cans of aluminum.

Kirk Franklin proved to be a huge success in playing the piano. He eventually began reading music and playing it by ear.

When he was seven years old, Kirk Franklin received his first ever contract. However, his aunt did not take this opportunity and did not let little Kirk Franklin to get involved into it. However, Kirk Franklin soon joined his church choir. In fact, when he was 12 years old, Kirk Franklin became the director of the adult choir of the church.

In order to avoid troubles when being a teenager, his grandmother decided to enroll Kirk Franklin into a conservatory. He was accepted to it and initially he showed excellence in his work. However, his girlfriend became pregnant and a rebellious nature of Kirk Franklin progressed and, as a result, Kirk Franklin was expelled from the conservatory. After being expelled he returned to his church where he continued to be a director of the adult choir, and this is one of the main source of Kirk Franklin net worth, which made him a huge sensation all around the world, since he began a choir director at a very young age.

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